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Shiroganedai Proposal for Tokyo Hacker Space

I'm going to post up on this blog spot, various and sundry parts of the proposal for the Shirokanedai potential hackerspace proposal. Including Pictures, possible layout and possible money-systems to make this work.

Update 1; Rough Calculation of 1f usable Sq Meters is about 61, added sizes of the main rooms with the photos below.

Please ask questions and make comments so we can see if we can move this forward?

Interior Photos


Hacker Room1 w/carpet and view into garden (20.33sqm/ 12.6j)

Hacker Room #2 with Hard Wood Floor (12.19sqm / 7.5j)

Kitchen shots

HAS; dishwasher, stove, sink, washer, and full size fridge (not shown)
(18.52 sqm / 11.4j)

From 2F into the Garden

Proposal Floor Layout for Main Space

Including a GARDEN! Did I mention the Garden...? oh, by the way- there's a garden.

What the heck is a Hacker Pantry?

In the Shirokanedai house for this proposal, there is the awesome sort of half room, between the kitchen and the bathroom before the genkan. I imagine it as a Hacker Pantry.

A room of shelves, where the members can store both collective anyone can use stuff and tools. AND a personal bin with each hackers name on it for the hands off mine mine mine stuff.

Size of the Hacker Pantry = 5.9 sqm / 3.1j